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Rambo: First Blood Part II, released on May 22, 1985, is the second movie in the Rambo series, starring Sylvester Stallone as Vietnam veteran, John Rambo. Picking up where the first film left, this sequel sees Rambo released from prison by Federal order to document the possible existence of POWs in Vietnam, under the belief that he will find nothing, thus enabling the government to sweep the issue under the rug.

The movie, which had a (then) enormous budget of $44 million, became a huge box-office success. Earning just over $150 million in North America and just under that amount in the rest of the world, it was the second most successful movie of 1985 in North America, behind Back to the Future and just ahead of Rocky IV, giving Stallone two of three top grossing movies of that year. This film captured the attention of President Ronald Reagan and he lauded Stallone for portraying Rambo as a symbol of the U.S. Army.

The movie was criticized for being a mindless action film and it was selected as worst picture at the 1985 Golden Raspberry Awards. It also topped the categories worst actor (Sylvester Stallone), worst screenplay (by Sylvester Stallone and James Cameron), and worst "original" song ("Peace in Our Life").

Also controversial was the political subtext of the film. Those who felt the Vietnam war was a mistake were upset that it was portrayed (to some degree) as heroic. Contrastingly, veterans of the war were offended by the implication that one man could have won the entire war by himself. Many were also displeased by its alleged exploitation of prisoners of war.

Rambo: First Blood Part II was ghost-directed by George P. Cosmatos, who later directed the film Cobra with Sylvester Stallone and Brigitte Nielsen. It was later revealed that Stallone had most of the directorial control on Rambo.[1]

Rambo: First Blood Part II follows First Blood and was followed by Rambo III in 1988 and Rambo in 2008.

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