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Almost Human, also known as The Death DealerThe Kidnap of Mary Lou and The Executioner (in original Italian, Milano odia: la polizia non può sparareMilan hates: the Police can't open fire) is a 1974 poliziotteschi film. This film by Umberto Lenzi stars Tomas Milian and Henry Silva.


When production began, director Umberto Lenzi offered the role of Giulio Sacchi to actor Marc Porel. After an unpleasant meeting with the actor, Lenzi found him to be "unreliable from both a human and professional point of view." Lenzi would not do the film if Porel was cast and he told the producer "It's him or me." The producer suggested Tomas Milian, who had appeared in numerous spaghetti westerns. Lenzi admits that his first meeting with Milian was difficult; Milian had heard that he was an "impulsive, hot-headed director." Despite the stories Milian felt Lenzi was the right person for the job. This would begin what Lenzi has called a love–hate relationship between the two that would continue for six more films.

American actor Richard Conte was originally cast as Commissario Walter Grandi, but he died right before filming began; Henry Silva was cast in his place. Lenzi states that he worked hard to have Silva fit the role of a tough cop because Silva was more tailored to play villainous roles.


Milano odia, also billed as Almost Human and The Kidnap of Mary Lou, was released in the US in a severely truncated edit as Almost Human.

The film was released on Region 0 NTSC DVD by NoShame films in 2005. The DVD is currently out-of-print.

It has also been released on DVD in Italy by Alan Young Pictures and in the United Kingdom by Shameless Screen Entertainment