Big and Little Wong Tin Bar (Chinese: 大小黄天霸) also known as Seven Little Valiant Fighters (Chinese: 橫掃江南七霸天)/Two of a Kind is a 1962 Hong Kong film. The film is notable for being Jackie Chan's film debut. The film is now considered a lost film, with no known complete film stock prints or the original camera negative remaining. The only footage that survived is a 9-minute opening clip [3] and a short 5 minute clip of dialogue.[4] On 5 December 2015 a 25-minute clip was released on the internet.[citation needed] Though a copy of the full movie was released onto YouTube on February 3, 2016, however this may not change its status as a partially lost film.[5]

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Plot[edit | edit source]

A child learns martial arts in order to become a Kung Fu warrior.

Cast[edit | edit source]

NOTE: Many actors who were featured in this film do not have the same names as they do today, this was due to them taking their master's name which is part of Chinese tradition while studying martial arts. Yuen Lau (aka Jackie Chan) - Played a singing kid and fights a man. Yuen Lung (aka Sammo Hung) - Played an unknown kid. Yuen Wah Ho Siu-hung - as Master Wong Sam-tai Li Li-Hua Cheng Bik-ying - as Cheung Kwai-lan Yam Yin - as Lotus Lau Hark-suen - as Black Wind Fortress Kam Ching

Additional cast Yuen Fu (aka Lee Kuk-wah) Yuen Ting (aka Ng Ming-choi) Yuen Man (aka Mang Yuen-man) Yuen Tai Lam Yim Mui Yan Yam Tai-koon Wah Wan-fung

Footage[edit | edit source]

There were 3 known scenes involving Jackie Chan and some kids. He fights someone older and then sings. Some footage of this film is shown in Jackie Chan: My Story.

Filming Information[edit | edit source]

Big and Little Wong Tin Bar was filmed Hong Kong in the Cantonese language using Black-and-white 35 mm film with the Mono audio track.

See also[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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