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Cloverfield Soundtrack
Robs Party Mix Cover.jpg
mix set
Artist: various artists
Released January 17, 2008
January 22, 2008 (iTunes Store)
Length 64:02

Due to its presentation as footage from a consumer digital recorder, Cloverfield has no film score, with the exception of the composition "ROAR! (Cloverfield Overture)" by Michael Giacchino that plays over the end credits. Similarities between "ROAR!" and the music of Godzilla composer Akira Ifukube have been noted, and it has been suggested that Giacchino's overture is a tribute to Ifukube's work.[1][2] The sound track was supervised by William Files[3] and Douglas Murray[4] at Skywalker Sound.

Rob's Party Mix or Cloverfield Mix is a collection of the music played in the opening party sequences of the film that was released exclusively on Apple's iTunes store on January 22, 2008 in lieu of a traditional soundtrack album.[1] The Cloverfield score, "ROAR! (Cloverfield Overture)" by Michael Giacchino that plays over the end credits [5] is not featured on the album, as it is the mixtape played at the party and is not the official soundtrack of the film. This album was distributed to guests at a Cloverfield premier party held at the Dark Room in New York City on January 17, 2008. [6] A complete soundtrack release of all the music in the film, including Giacchino's "ROAR!' end title piece, has now also been released exclusively on iTunes. but was not officially released in retail stores. A CD entitled Rob's Party Mix comes packaged in a special edition of Cloverfield made available for sale in Canadian Wal-Mart stores beginning on April 22, 2008.

Track listing[]

# TitleMusic Length
1. "West Coast"  Coconut Records 3:32
2. "Taper Jean Girl"  Kings of Leon 3:05
3. "Beautiful Girls"  Sean Kingston 4:01
4. "Do I Have Your Attention"  The Blood Arm 3:35
5. "Got Your Moments"  Scissors for Lefty 3:11
6. "Give Up the Funk" (Tear the Roof Off the Sucker)Parliament 5:46
7. "19-2000"  Gorillaz 3:27
8. "The Underdog"  Spoon 3:42
9. "Pistol of Fire"  Kings of Leon 2:20
10. "Disco Lies"  Moby 3:22
11. "Do the Whirlwind"  Architecture in Helsinki 4:39
12. "Grown So Ugly"  The Black Keys 2:24
13. "Four Winds"  Bright Eyes 4:16
14. "The Ride"  Joan As Policewoman 3:09
15. "Seventeen Years"  Ratatat 4:26
16. "Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games"  Of Montreal 4:15
17. "Fuzz" (Template:Nihongo2)Mucc 4:47


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