Marcia o Crepa (March or Die) known as The Legion's Last Patrol in the UK and Commando in the US is a 1962 European (Italian, German, Spanish) co-production war film about the Algerian War of Independence. It was released in 1964 in the USA by American International Pictures on a double feature with Torpedo Bay/Beta Som.[2]

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Stewart Granger : capitaine Leblanc Dorian Gray : Nora Carlos Casaravilla : Ben Bled Ivo Garrani : Colonel Dionne Alfredo Mayo : Mayor Pablito Alonso : Arab Kid Hans von Borsody : Fritz Maurizio Arena : Dolce Vita Fausto Tozzi : Brascia Dietmar Schönherr : Petit Prince Peter Carsten : Barbarossa Leo Anchóriz : Garcia Riccardo Garrone : Paolo

Plot and productionEdit

French Foreign Legion Captain Le Blanc (Stewart Granger) leads a section of his Legion parachutists to capture an FLN guerilla leader. Along the way they are joined by a prostitute (Dorian Gray) and an Arab child. Their mission is a success but when their escape helicopter is shot down they have to fight their way back to the French lines.

The theme music Concerto Disperato by Angelo Francesco Lavagnino became a top selling instrumental in Italy performed by Nini Rosso and in the UK with a cover version by Ken Thorne reaching #4.[3]

In the UK this film was shown at Odeon cinemas as part of a double feature with The Day of the Triffids.


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