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Disney Cars 2 is a 2011 comedy-spy thriller movie. the movies was stars owen wilson, larry the cable guy, Michael caine, emily mortimer


the british spy agent leland turbo was told finn mcmissile to a phone call after that the villains lemons grem and acer kills leland turbo. after the british spy finn mcmissile was come to the oil rig to arresting professor z. professor z is the lemons second in command in cars 2. he was examining the EMP camera. after that finn mcmissile take out weapon for kill professor z finn saw the box is leland turbo was death and compacted after that finn was startled. so the lemons looks finn in the roof. after that professor z says (its finn mcmissile he's seen the camera kill him) after that professor was calling his lemons henchmen to kill finn mcmissile. after that the green gremlin car keith gremlin chase finn mcmissile until keith was defeated by finn mcmissile after that keith fell into the sea after slipped by finn mcmissile's oil in the floor. after that the another lemons chase finn. after that finn mcmissile shoots the oil can so the lemons can't capture him. after that in the helicopter landing finn mcmissile was defeated by the lemons with the torch and finn was fell into the sea grem and acer go to the boats for kills finn mcmissile but finn was swimming in the sea with his breather. professor z was finn mcmissile was gone.