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First Blood is a book by David Morrell and the book was released in 1972. The book became a film in 1982

Plot Edit

The book features the character Rambo, a Vietnam War veteran, who becomes the focus of a manhunt that results in the deaths of many police officers and National Guardsmen in the process. The theme of the book is one that condemns the war in Vietnam and asserts that it had many adverse effects on soldiers who served during the war. It focuses very much on the acts of violence that Rambo commits and calls attention to the instinctive nature of these acts.

In the climactic ending, at the police station, Rambo, Trautman and Teasle meet, Trautman tells Rambo to stop the war he has started. Rambo was going to commit suicide, but decide to take down one last target: Teasle. Rambo makes a bad aim at Teasle, causing Teasle to collapse, with Rambo almost close to shoot Teasle again, Trautman sneaks up behind him with a shotgun and shoots him in the head. Trautman comes up at Teasle, telling him that it's over, before Teasle takes his last breath close to death.

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