Iron Man
Iron Man teaser poster
Directed by Jon Favreau
Produced by Avi Arad
Kevin Feige
Written by Comic Book:
Stan Lee
Jack Kirby
Arthur Marcum
Matthew Hollaway
Mark Fergus
Hawk Ostby
Cinematography Matthew Libatique
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date(s) May 2, 2008
Country USA
Language English
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Iron Man is a 2008 superhero film based on the fictional Marvel Comics character Iron Man. The film will be directed by Jon Favreau. It is currently in out in theatres. Iron Man is was released in theatres on May 2, 2008 release.


On December 13, 2004, Marvel Studios and New Line Cinema announced that Nick Cassavetes, who had directed The Notebook and John Q, would be helming the project. The film was slated for a 2006 release. [1] After two years of unsuccessful development, and the deal with director Cassavetes falling through, New Line Cinema returned the film rights to Marvel. There had been screenplay drafts written by Alfred Gough, Miles Millar, and David Hayter, but these were not retained. After the project fell through, Marvel worked to start the development from scratch. [2]

On April 28, 2006, Avi Arad, chairman of Marvel Studios, announced that Jon Favreau would be directing Iron Man. The film is currently in theatres and will be distributed by Paramount Pictures. Storyboarding is already underway. Favreau has stated his intent to cast a newcomer in the role of Anthony Stark, the man who designs the body armor and wears it to become Iron Man. The budget is said to be above $100 million. Filming is currently being set up, although it may not start until the beginning of next year. The studio is aiming for a May 2, 2008 release.


Favreau has also said that the film's plot will not deal with Tony Stark's personal problems, such as alcoholism, as much as the creation of his suit and the birth of Iron Man. This superhero premise is similar to Batman Begins and Spider-Man. The director said that the film would show Tony Stark developing three stages of the Iron Man armor, starting with the "clunky, low-tech... diving bell armor" of the 60s. The armor would eventually be updated to a flying suit with the recognizable gold and red, then finally reach a "weapons platform" stage similar to War Machine from the comics.[3] Favreau said that if there were sequels, Tony Stark's personal problems would be explored.

At Comic-Con International on July 22, 2006, Favreau announced that the main villain in the film will be [[Mandarin.[4] Favreau also explained in an interview that the main villain Mandarin would be altered for the big screen, as the known Mandarin does not fit what Favreau wants to represent. Instead, Mandarin will be more realistic while keeping the formidable persona that has been displayed in the comics.[5] In an interview, Favreau also mentioned the presence of supporting characters that included James Rhodes, Pepper Potts, and Obadian Stane.[6]



The Iron Man teaser poster was released at the 2006 Comic-Con and has been reported as not being the final armor design.[7] The poster was designed by Iron Man comic book artist Adi Granov who is working on the suit design for the film[8].

Iron Man Myspace GroupEdit

Favreau has created a Myspace group for the purpose of keeping Iron Man fans informed. According to Favreau's blog, the director said, "The internet is full of faulty info. I wanted to have at least one place where the facts would be correct."[9]


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Actor Role
Robert Downey Jr. Tony Stark / Iron Man
Gwyneth Paltrow Virginia "Pepper" Potts
Terrence Howard James Rhodes
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