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Killer Constable (Chinese: 萬人斬; aka Lightning Kung Fu or Karate Exterminators) is a 1980 Hong Kong martial arts-action film directed by Chih-Hung Kwei and released by Shaw Brothers.


Chief constable and accomplished fighter Ling Tien Ying is well known for his remarkable success rate in his dangerous field. Ling, though, is also a ruthless constable who never spares the fleeing suspects he pursues and even earns a reprimand by his own brother for this grim determination. When two million taels are stolen from the royal vaults, Ling is hired to find the thieves within ten days and administer his own justice. Ling's first task is to pick a team of men from his loyal band of assistants and then sort through the clues. After finding a link with a local villager and using his own harsh methods to get results, Ling is attacked by two of the thieves and only just fends them off. More hardships occur when his men are ambushed by a significant group of the enemy and their number is severely reduced by the assault. However, the constable is used to facing tremendous odds and, after battling through a number of his foes, slowly pieces together the events of the theft. Only when he meets one of the ringleaders does Ling finally discover who was behind the robbery; the answer comes as a definite surprise.