Peur sur la ville (also known as Fear Over the City and The Night Caller) is a 1975 French crime film directed by Henri Verneuil.

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Plot Edit

Policeman Jean Letellier is under pressure because the infamous gangster Marcucci escaped him publicly. Moreover during the pursuit an innocent bystander was killed by a stray bullet. Letellier is investigated for having fired the deadly bullet. Before Letellier is cleared, a serial killer begins to murder young women, each time leaving a weird message at the site of crime. He calls himself "Minos", referring to theDivine Comedy. The murderer always declares he had punished his victims for what he considers their impure life style. While Letellier still has no trace of "Minos", he comes across Marcucci's current whereabouts. Just as before, Marcucci tries to escape in a spectacular manner when Letellier confronts him. But this time Marcucci dies in the course of action. Marcucci's death is no relief for Letellier who is now publicly accused of having neglected the "Minos" case in favour of settling his personal feud with his late archenemy. "Minos" keeps on murdering and leaving provoking hints until Letellier can identify him. The serial killer can only scarcely elude Letellier, who chases him over the roofs of Paris. His next coup is to take hostages in a skyscraper. Letellier decides he has had it and goes airborne. From a flying helicopter he jumps through the window into the flat and puts "Minos" down.

Cast[edit] Edit

  • Jean-Paul Belmondo: Jean Letellier
  • Charles Denner: Charles Moissac
  • Giovanni Cianfriglia: Marcucci
  • Adalberto Maria Merli: Minos
  • Jean Martin: Inspector Sabin
  • Lea Massari: Norah Elmer
  • Rosy Varte: Germaine Doizon
  • Catherine Morin: Hélène Grammont
  • Jean-François Balmer: Julien Dallas
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