Santo contra los Zombis (also known as Santo vs. the Zombies) is a 1962 Mexican film directed by Benito Alazraki. It depicts the popular character El Santo in a pulp style film.

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After the police are unstable to stop a crime wave by zombies, they turn to Santo for help.


Santo as Santo / the Saint Armando Silvestre as Lt. Sanmartin / Lt. Savage Jaime Fernández as Det. Rodriguez Dagoberto Rodríguez as Det. Chief Almada Irma Serrano as Det. Isabel Carlos Agostí as Genaro / Uncle Herbert Ramón Bugarini as Rogelio / Roger, the male nurse Fernando Osés as Dorrell, zombified wrestler Eduardo Bonada Eduardo Silvestre Julián de Meriche Alejandro Cruz as Black Shadow, a wrestler (as Black Shadow) Gory Guerrero as Wrestler (as Gori Guerrero) Sugi Sito as Wrestler El Gladiador as Wrestler


This was one of the earliest Santo films and the first to be distributed in the US.[1]


Writing in The Zombie Movie Encyclopedia, academic Peter Dendle said, "The adventure movie with its comic-book plot, hero, and villain is fun to watch in an MST-3K spirit".[2]


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