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Santo vs. las Mujeres Vampiro (also known as Samson vs. the Vampire Women) is a 1962 horror film starring the wrestling superhero Santo. The film was featured on a 1995 episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. The film was also featured on the television show Cinema Insomnia.[1]

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Vampire women are awakened by their leader, The Evil One, in order to find him a bride. A local professor's daughter is kidnapped and he calls Santo to get her back.


Santo as Santo Lorena Velázquez as Thorina, queen of the vampires María Duval as Diana Orlof Jaime Fernández as Insp. Carlos Augusto Benedico as Prof. Orlof Xavier Loyá as Jorge - Diana's fiance Ofelia Montesco as Tandra, vampire priestess Fernando Osés as Vampire Guillermo Hernández as Vampire Nathanael León as Vampire Ricardo Adalid as Detective at Party Cavernario Galindo as Himself Ray Mendoza as Himself Alejandro Cruz as Himself Bobby Bonales as Himself



The film was featured in the season 6 finale of Mystery Science Theater 3000. It was Frank Conniff's final show before his departure, aside from a brief cameo in the season 10 episode Soultaker. Before his departure, he was a writer and actor for the show, playing TV's Frank. It has been noted that the film was chosen due to Conniff's fondess for Mexican wrestler movies.


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