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Southern Comfort is an American thriller from 1981 . This movie is directed by Walter Hill, who also wrote the script part. Leading roles are played by Keith Carradine , Powers Boothe ,Alan Autry , Les Lannom , Peter Coyote , TK Carter , Lewis Smith , Franklyn Seales , Brion James and Fred Ward .


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Story edit ][]

Read Warning : The following text contains details of the content and / or the end of the story.

It is 1973. A team is anything but exemplary soldiers of the Louisiana Army National Guardsmen are sent for a weekend training to a swamp, where they have to lay off. A journey of 38 kilometers The team gets only a light pack and blanks along. Only Corporal Reece knows how to make. Real bullets along Led by Sergeant Caspar they begin their journey.

The group meets at more that is not on the map. They steal here some canoes Cajun Indians to about stabbing the lake. As a result, they get into a fight with a group of Cajun Hunters.The situation escalates even further after the soldiers take a Cajun prisoner and the paranoid soldier Bowen blows his house. Opening the Cajun hunters armed with dogs hunting the lost soldiers. Reece is the confrontation between the two groups.

The soldiers soon get tired of Casper, which clearly can lead them out of the swamp and Spencer takes over command. The group is on the move repeatedly prey to the Cajun, until finally only Spencer, Hardin and Bowen left. After a night in the swamp Bowen appears to be hung. The Cajun Hardin and Spencer arrive in a Cajun village. With difficulty they find themselves out fighting, where they finally noticed by an army helicopter a way.

Cast edit ][]

Actor Personage
Keith Carradine Pfc. Spencer
Powers Boothe Cpl. Hardin
Fred Ward Cpl. Reece
Peter Coyote Staff Sgt. Poole
Brion James Cajun Trapper
Franklyn Seales Pfc. Simms
Lewis Smith Pfc. Stuckey
TK Carter Pfc. Cribbs
Sonny Landham Hunter
Les Lannom Sgt. Casper

Background edit ][]

The film follows the same idea as Walter Hills previous film, The Warriors , a group of fighters that are pursued by a much larger group of enemies, through treacherous terrain as they try to find a way home. The story of the Ten Thousand of Greek antiquity served as inspiration for the film.

The soundtrack of the film is composed by Ry Cooder . The song "Parlez Nous à Boire," which told at the end of the film, sung by the Cajun musician Dewey Balfa .