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The Ultimate Warrior is a 1975 science fiction action-adventure film directed by Robert Clouse. One of a series of post-apocalyptic films from the 1960s and 1970s, it is set in post-civilization New York City in 2012 and depicts the struggles of a small enclave of inhabitants attempting to survive in a compound beset with packs of starving pillagers.


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Plot synopsis[]

Following a global pandemic which devastates the population, Baron (Sydow), the leader of a tribe of survivors, has established a small fortified area in the ruins of New York City. Cal (Kelton), a former scientist and a member of Baron’s tribe, has developed plague resistant seeds which allows the tribe to grow vegetables in the barren soil. Their small garden has become an oasis in the ruined city, coveted by the packs of starving, lawless gangs outside.

Needing to increase security against the raiders, especially a gang led by Carrot (Smith), Baron recruits a deadly warrior named Carson (Brynner), who has put his skills out for hire.

While Carson’s presence has some of the desired effect, the daily raids against the sanctuary make Baron realize the only hope for his pregnant daughter Melinda (Miles) and his unborn grandchild, is for them to leave the city, and establish a new society in a more secure setting on a small island off the coast of North Carolina.

Escaping from the city is more difficult than anticipated, resulting in the deaths of Baron and many of the tribe and costing Carson his hand. Carson kills Carrot and most of his followers while being chased through New York's subway system. He gets Melinda and the precious seeds out of the city.

Cast and crew[edit][]

  • Yul Brynner as Carson
  • Max von Sydow as Baron
  • Joanna Miles as Melinda
  • William Smith as Carrot
  • Richard Kelton as Cal
  • Darrell Zwerling as Silas
  • Gary Johnson as L. Harkness
  • Lane Bradbury as Barrie
  • Mel Novak as Lippert
  • Mickey Caruso as B. Harkness
  • Nate Esformes as Garon
  • Stephen McHattie as Robert


It was released on DVD by Warner Home Video on 7/29/08, as a Best Buy exclusive double feature with Battle Beneath the Earth (1967). ISBN 1-4198-6943-4, UPC# 883929023790.