The Wandering Swordsman is a 1970 Hong Kong wuxia film directed by Chang Cheh and produced by the Shaw Brothers Studio, starring David Chiang and Lily Li.


The wandering swordsman Yu Hsieh Erh travels around seeking adventure and meets a group of bandits who are planning to rob a convoy escorting some valuables. Initially, he is tricked by them into participating in the robbery but then realises his folly and he returns to take his revenge on them.


  • David Chiang as Wandering Swordsman
  • Lily Li as Jiang Ning / Siao Ning Ji
  • Cheng Lui as Chief Jiang Wei
  • Cheung Pooi-saan as "Fail Safe" Kung Wu
  • Wang Kuang-yu as Single Swordsman Jin Li Loi
  • Wu Ma as Foxy Hou Jiou
  • Chan Sing as Iron King Jung Sz Hu
  • Lau Gong as Flying Robber Fang Tien Lung
  • Hung Lau as Flying Robber Guo Tien Wan
  • Bolo Yeung as Unicorn
  • Tung Li as Chief Huang
  • Nam Wai-lit as Chief Wen
  • Tung Choi-bo as Chief Xie
  • Lau Kwan as casino gambler
  • Wong Pau-gei as Brother Choy
  • Wong Chung as Wei Sheng Security member
  • Cliff Lok as Wei Sheng Security member
  • Yuen Cheung-yan as Wei Sheng Security member
  • Yuen Shun-yi as Wei Sheng Security member / robber
  • Hsu Hsia as Wei Sheng Security member
  • Chan Siu-gai as Wei Sheng Security member
  • Yee Kwan as casino dealer
  • Wu Por as casino cashier
  • Chui Chung-hok as casino thug
  • Chan Keung as casino thug
  • Fuk Yan-cheng as casino gambler
  • Yue Man-wa as casino gambler
  • Chan Chuen as robber
  • Yuen Woo-ping as robber
  • Lo Wai as robber
  • Yen Shi-kwan as robber
  • Fung Hap-so as robber
  • Chan Seng-tong as robber
  • Lai Yan as robber
  • Wong Ching as robber
  • Tam Bo as robber
  • Ko Hung as robber
  • Ng Yuen-fan as Unicorn Clan member / robber
  • Wong Mei as Unicorn Clan member
  • Chin Chun as restaurant boss
  • Lok Ming as restaurant waiter
  • Lau Cheun as restaurant patron
  • Tsang Choh-lam as eatery waiter
  • Goo Chim-hung as eatery boss
  • Kwan Yan as eatery customer
  • Hao Li-jen as villager fleeing flood
  • Lau Kar-wing
  • San Sin
  • Kong Chuen
  • Wan Leng-gwong
  • Fan Dan
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